Getting meta all the time …

Ok, ok, I’m sorry, that’s a lame title. But I’m here today using social media to tell you that I was at a discussion about use of social media, and will be thinking about ways of increasing/improving how we do this. And I’ll be using social media even more to gather the sort of information I’ll need to do a good job. You see? It’s a bit, er, circular.

Or actually, is it? If social media is just another information tool, what’s complex about using it as one? We’re all very self-conscious about getting on Twitter or writing a blog, and quite apprehensive about how we make use of these arcane new technologies, but you know what? It’s just like using a newspaper column to review a book, or a song to describe a relationship. It’s another way of sharing information. That’s all.

So while my colleague is thinking about the positive side of this … i.e. what would it look like if we were already doing it … I’ll do the other thing. You know, asking the awkward questions.

  • What could go wrong?
  • What scares us about this?
  • Why are we afraid?

I could sit here and describe all the reasons I can think of, but just for a change I don’t think I have the answers. I’m very comfortable with using these channels, so this is one occasion when I may have to shut up and listen to the concerns of others. I expect (and hope) to be challenged and educated by what I hear. ┬áIt’ll be good for me.

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