A sense of impending doom

Maybe ‘doom’ is too strong a word … But then again, maybe not. This jargonaut has just begun maternity leave, and there’s no greater threat to people like me than intellectual inactivity. With 6 weeks to go before things actually get busy and I start wishing for peace and quiet again, how on earth will I occupy myself?

So how do jargonauts cope with enforced domestic bliss? Very, very badly. There will be no tile unscrubbed, no bookshelf unarranged, no furniture not hoovered behind. And the second week will be even worse. I may start on the sock drawers and the tinned food cupboard.

My usual coping mechanism is to teach myself a new skill in the few months I’m away from work. I have no idea what it will be this time … Developing apps? Crochet? Chinese calligraphy? Possibly all three. If I get confused, there could be some interesting crossover projects.



About jargonaut

Unashamed geek lost in policy land. Frequently required to believe three impossible things before breakfast, and implement them by tea time.
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