Humorous intent

Today I just want to share this link to a blog by Scott Adams, the genius cartoonist who brings us Dilbert. Every day he prompts thousands of technical professionals to scream “Do you have a camera in my office? Are you spying on my life?” due to his knack of expertly capturing corporate idiocy in a few simple frames.

This post covers a subject dear to all our hearts – budget constraints. I think his viewpoint is neat, his examples are realistic and his logic is pragmatic. Everybody may not agree, but it’s an interesting way to start a discussion, no?

And here is why I love the man and his work so much:


If you liked that, go here for more. But after work, ok? Otherwise you’ll get nothing done today because you’ll be too busy going back and reading every strip from the beginning.


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Unashamed geek lost in policy land. Frequently required to believe three impossible things before breakfast, and implement them by tea time.
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