Introducing the Cuttlefish

Here’s something I’ve been considering for a while. Quite often I observe funny, ironic or frustrating things and think “that would make a great blog post …” However when I come to write it down it’s just too short. I can’t think of a twist, I have nothing intelligent to say on the matter, or its one of those things that make me ranty and I’d like to avoid ranting on here if I can.

So from now on, as these crop up, I’m going to see if I can turn them into a cartoon. First strip will appear on Friday, so let me know what you think. Comment, submit examples if you’d like to see me deal with them in this style, or just criticise. All feedback is a gift …

I’ll deal with what I suspect will be the FAQs up front:

Why ‘cuttlefish’?

Two reasons. One, because it’s an inherently comical word and it makes me smile. Two, because of the civil servant’s impulse, when threatened, to hide behind clouds of ink. I think it was Orwell who first wrote about that, if anyone has a link to the direct quote please share it so I can add it here.

Are you lampooning your long suffering colleagues?

Absolutely not. As my long suffering colleagues will tell you, I satirise people directly to their face and in public. I wouldn’t hide behind a cartoon if I had something to tell them.

Are these based on people you know, then?

Yes. They’re based on me. Me at my worst, my most clueless, my most self-absorbed. All of these cartoons will be based on situations I have encountered where I said or did something risible, and realised afterwards how unhelpful it must have been.

I think that’s dealt with the obvious ones … If anyone wants to ask more, feel free.



About jargonaut

Unashamed geek lost in policy land. Frequently required to believe three impossible things before breakfast, and implement them by tea time.
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