Kittens and Jack Sparrow

A modern fable …

After a hard day’s sightseeing in a small Italian town, my daughters and I returned to the hotel for a rest in the shade, a couple of restorative drinks and a look at the guide book to plan the next day’s excursions.

Suitably refreshed, we debated whether to go for a walk down to the town square. One daughter was a little tired so opted to stay behind for a nap. She was certain she’d seen everything the little town had to offer already.

10 minutes into the walk, we saw dozens of semi-feral kittens on a patch of waste ground. She loves cats. We wondered if we should go back for her … and decided they’d probably be there the next day too.

5 minutes later we reached the town square, and there on a pedestal was a shiny golden Jack Sparrow living statue. Jack Sparrow. Covered in gold. Dispensing chaste kisses on the cheek in return for pocket change. I mean, ok, he wasn’t actually Johnny Depp*, but still …

It turns out the town is a very different place in the evenings. There was a pop up market, some fascinating little bars, and of course the street entertainment. Not to mention the most amazing sunset.

What do you miss, when you decide you already know everything you need to know? Because you’ve already been there and seen it, and don’t realise it might have changed, might even have a whole cycle of surprises depending on what time you go?

Moral: Always seize an opportunity to explore. There may be kittens and Jack Sparrow.

* Although he does turn up in the most unexpected places, so you never know.



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