Don’t understand a wordle of it

This week I ran a quick experiment, and created a word cloud using around 300 comments left last quarter by customers on the corporate website. It made a pleasing display, I thought, so I shared it with some colleagues and they decided to put it on the wall in a busy corridor, alongside other information displays that they regularly produce.

I appear to have failed somewhere in my attempt to bring light and understanding, because the next day this note had been added. (Note that we invite colleagues and visitors to leave us comments about the displays, so we know what they like or don’t like about them and can make changes as needed).


Edit – apparently the note isn’t all that legible, so here’s a transcript. Oh, the irony …

“This doesn’t tell you me anyone much!”
“Yeah do u get paid for this?”
“Waste of paper!”

Oh dear. Now, either someone was in a puckish mood that day, or they genuinely don’t get the point of this exercise. Lets examine that, shall we? Somebody whose organisation exists to provide information and services to the general public, doesn’t see what use there is in analysing the feedback provided by said public. This …


… looks the same as this …


Or even this …


I’m really not OK with that. So for those who didn’t get the point, and want to know why this is taking up wall space, here it is: roughly 100 people every month take the time to leave a comment about their experience of using our website. They may represent only 5 to 10 per cent of users, maybe even less, but they are a good representative sample. Something about the website did not meet their expectations, and they wanted us to know about it so that, presumably, we might be moved to fix it.

There. That’s the point.

And in response to the delightfully plaintive “Do you get paid to do this?” … Er, yes. Yes I do. And so do you, if by ‘this’ you mean ‘pay attention to customer feedback’. Maybe this display didn’t explain itself very well, so I’ll do you a deal – I’ll try to be more clear, if you’ll promise to pay more attention.


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