In which our hero muses on the nature of integrity

I had an interesting discussion the other day with some Twitter friends, about the use of social media in and by organisations. We reached the conclusion that it comes down to two things;

1) the amount of trust
2) the level of emotional intelligence

This can refer to individual managers and leaders, and equally to the organisation itself – it’s culture portrayed as a personality.

Ooh, if organisations had avatars, it would be fun to think about what yours would look like, wouldn’t it? Maybe that’s a discussion for another day. Here’s the critical tweet, for me:

@PaulBromford: it’s not about digital. It’s about whether orgs can adapt to having culture on display 24/7

So, can we? It does happen that way, that if you look at all the tweets from leadership and PR functions and individual employees, whether tweeting in an official capacity or a personal one, you do get a ‘feel’ for the culture. It builds a picture showing whether people are comfortable expressing themselves, or take their lead from the top table. Whether they are secure enough to point out issues and air them in places where they might get criticism along with support.

The crucial question … Is your culture showing?

Actually, I lied. That’s not the crucial question. This is … Do you like what you see?

We worry we may be exposed, our culture may be shown and people won’t like what they see. If who we are really, unguarded, reflects badly on us, we need to wash our face, not polish the mirror.



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