Dynamic, caring council – GSOH, own hair and teeth

So I was talking last week about how much fun it would be to assign an avatar to your organisation, representing its personality as viewed through its online and socmed presence … and what should pop up in my news feed but this lovely article?

“Jefferson took tweets from the various lines on the London Underground and ran them through a text analyzer that assigns the author of a small chunk of prose a Myers-Briggs type. All the lines other than the Waterloo & City line (10 in total) were either an ESTJ (a Doer) or an ESTP (a Guardian).”


Myers-Briggs Types:
Photo by: Jake Beech via Wikimedia Commons

“He then took it a step further, analyzing how often the lines tweet per day, and how long those tweets are, and how often they mention other lines or their own line … The sad thing is, [the Waterloo & City line] seems like it’s trying to be chatty and approachable; while it is the line that tweets the least, if we look at how much each line tweets given the number of stations on it, or the total line length, the Waterloo & City has them all beat hands down. It’s also the least egotistical line, mentioning itself less than any of the others.”


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