The Pencil and Paper Team

So I blogged a little while ago about how silly it would be if we extended our strange attitude to social media and digital engagement to the other tools that we use, and set up (for instance) a telephone team or a pencil and paper team. Well, here on the Geek Wonk Interface, the truth is often stranger even than satire, and yesterday I had a chat with a colleague who really does feel that we are going that way.

Obviously first of all I want to say … If anybody read that past post and thought I was serious, I was just kidding. We don’t need a chairs team either, for goodness sake. On the other hand, if people are reading these and taking my satirical suggestions as strategic direction, then I say we institute Lightsabre Mock Fight Monday and build a play fort out of all the stored furniture on the second floor. I’ll defend first and you guys can attack, then at half time we change ends. Who’s with me?

*ahem* Where was I? Oh yes, pencil and paper teams. Well, my esteemed colleague’s role involves helping business areas provide good information about what they do. In theory this means the service writes the content and the team makes it available. In practice the team are told the service wants to update their information, and could the team please let them have 1000 words for review by Friday?

That’s just silly. Web, social media, press and publishing teams do not know what you do. They do not know your customers, they do not know what your customers need to know, and they do not know how to explain your processes. They know how to present and upload information so it’s readable and accessible. You still have to use the words to put together the thing so they can put it in the place.

I hope that clears that up. If anybody needs me, I’ll be practising my Lightsabre technique on the second floor.


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Unashamed geek lost in policy land. Frequently required to believe three impossible things before breakfast, and implement them by tea time.
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