I just did an interesting thing. I was reading this document, which is excellent; and as I was saving it to my PDF reader for later I labelled it ‘Call to action’. A minute or two later I was conscious of a nagging feeling – I realised I had it wrong, and it’s actually called ‘Call for action’. Now I must say first it’s an excellent bit of writing, full of good ideas, and something I will be following up later and trying to adopt some of the things. 

But here it is: my brain says call to action. That means get up, stand up, let’s go! It’s someone running though the campsite ripping out tent pegs, playing the reveille on a bugle. It’s tipping people out of their wing chairs, it’s pulling off the duvet and throwing it on the floor at the other side of the room.

A call for action is something different. That says to me, somebody should do something, something should be done, why isn’t anybody doing anything? It’s a stern letter to the editor. Possibly in green ink. It’s a passive-aggressive Facebook status update. It’s a pointed note on the fridge door about the state of the sink.

Now, I’m not a great fan of doing other people’s washing up.* but if something’s important enough to talk about, it’s probably important enough to do something about too. So I think that document should have been called Call To Action. That’s what I think. #justsayin’

* I’m not a huge fan of doing my own washing up, if it comes to it. Luckily I’m well supported in that area by a team of domestic gods.


About jargonaut

Unashamed geek lost in policy land. Frequently required to believe three impossible things before breakfast, and implement them by tea time.
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