ThingsBus … 

Maybe it’s because I’m sleep deprived following a busy three days of travel and conferences, or maybe it’s because I hang out on Twitter with clever people who think out loud, or maybe it’s both of those things loaded on top of my current fixation with connecting up and playing with gadgets. But, and hear me out here, today I wondered whether we should put ThingsCamp on a bus*. Like, a mobile library for the internet of things. Credit where it’s due, this is actually Rich Hall’s suggestion:

It got me thinking that this is kind of what ThingsCamp is, or what we intended it to be – a chance for people who don’t have the money to outlay on IoT stuff, or who aren’t sure what to start with, to handle and operate the kit and talk to people who’ve used it in a friendly no-pressure space. Preferably with coffee and cake, of course, but that’s my minimum level setting for any kind of event so probably that’s just me. But the whole we-bring-it-to-you idea, I do think that’s a thing that could work.

bright yellow amphibian vehicle coming out of the water* buses are all very well but I secretly actually want one of ^^ these **

** how else are we supposed to test the submersible camera drones?

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Unashamed geek lost in policy land. Frequently required to believe three impossible things before breakfast, and implement them by tea time.
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1 Response to ThingsBus … 

  1. markbraggins says:

    Love this idea, Lucy!

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